No Opinion

Sometimes it’s a good idea to have no opinion. Whether it be from lack of decision making information or a strong desire to avoid a confrontation, the best choice is sometimes not taking a side. In the 2020 political and social media landscape having no opinion can seem a bit odd. Everyone has an opinion these days and is more than likely screaming it into the cosmos. These opinions seemingly fall nicely into an us vs. them narrative. Republic vs Democrat, privileged vs not, and so on. But all this does is create a heaping pile of information garbage when people speak on issues they no nothing about. It’s literally useless information.

Signs of a lemming: If someone says a willfully ignorant statement, something that they know is backed by no fact or insight and was said to appease or feel part of a mob.

Its so contrary to avoid “weighing in” but it can be a sure sign of strong intellectualism for a person to abstain from opining on topics they are ignorant of.

So with that, today’s goal is to be more intellectual and abstain from talking about things I know nothing about. Instead, I will seek to educate myself on the topic of ignorance.

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