The Sovereign Individual Weekly

A weekly newsletter providing insights, analysis, and actionable advice helping you become a Sovereign Individual and make the most of the digital transformation.

We’re living through a digital transformation and these societal changes are accelerating.

How we live, work, and interact with the world is constantly evolving.

And yet, there’s no guide to navigate this changing world. What exactly is happening in this digital transformation? How will these changes impact your life? And how does someone actually become a Sovereign Individual in the digital age?

What’s In the Newsletter?

Every Monday at 11:30 EST, I share lessons I’m learning from my journey in pursuit of personal sovereignty. It includes analysis on how world events impact this journey and actionable insights into the emerging opportunities and trends of the digital transformation.

Think of it as your guide to becoming a Sovereign Individual.

It documents the exact steps I’m taking, the details I’m paying attention to, and where society is evolving to. Topics intersect at personal sovereignty, geopolitics, finance, crypto, the digital transformation and all things in between.

It’s designed to help you make better choices in the digital age.

Most importantly, as I learn, you learn.

What you get each week:

  • 1 original write up of a lesson I’ve learned chasing personal sovereignty
  • 3 features covering relevant world events with my analysis and insight on how they impact your path towards personal sovereignty
  • And 5 to 10 additional curated links on a variety of relevant topics with a one sentence takeaway
  • A little something extra – an interesting link or find from around the web