The Sovereign Individual Weekly

A weekly newsletter for sovereign individuals. Insights, tools, and mental models to navigate life in an immersive digital world.

Every Monday, I send out The Sovereign Individual Weekly newsletter. My goal is provide an understanding of how society is transitioning from the industrial age into the depths of the information age. So, I aim to provide the reader with both broad context and in depth analysis of the overarching question I’m hunting to answer:

How can I define the societal change, adapt to it, and thrive in the increasingly immersive digital age?

Subtopics & the core content you can expect within the newsletter:

The New Elements of Digital Society

  • The details about how society is undergoing a restructuring
  • Employment opportunities and how they are changing
  • The skills and experiences needed for success
  • How access to knowledge and education is becoming democratized
  • Digital transformation and geopolitical change
  • The philosophical mindsets behind the new class divides

What It Means For You?

  • What are the jobs and positions of influence?
  • The education and skills you need to thrive are changing
  • Exploration of global freedom of movement and information between countries
  • The impact of the growing class divide between digital workers and other social classes

Tools & Resources

  • The key technologies driving change
  • The financial issues arising from digital transformation
  • Digital privacy and personal security and how to protect yourself
  • A repository of information and tools to help navigate the new environment

Join readers that include students, life long learners, educators, business professionals and retirees who seek solutions to the problems created by this transitory society. The digital transformation is impacting all aspects of life and everyone is impacted by it.

The Bottom Line

The rules of the societal game are changing. Learn what’s changing.

All the tools and resources you need to become a sovereign individual.

A community to reinforce your success and keep you on target.

Take Control of Your Future


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