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3 Curated Articles with TL:DR Summaries & Callouts to Help You Navigate the Changing World

  • Zillow Market Report
    • Inconsistent Covid-19 government regulations and the shift to remote work has led to some fascinating relocation trends. At first, city residents moved to suburbia for more space. Driving down city property values and rental prices. Now, as pandemic policies settle into a steady state and companies settle on more permanent office arrangements, we get an idea of what that the digital worker and the cities that want to attract them will do next.
    • Why You Should Care: As we transition into a pandemic steady state, we can start to understand how our living preferences will change. Locations that were once in demand are no longer as hot, while cities like Miami aggressively work to siphon highly skilled digital workers and capital from San Francisco. TSI Weekly follows the developments of how local governments are adapting to the “new normal” and seeking to attract digital, location-independent workers. We follow the trends and provide details on the best and worst places for remote workers to live.
  • Supreme Court Case: New Hampshire Vs. Massachusetts: A Multistate Tax Brawl
    • A Massachusetts’ tax ruling: nonresident earned income received for services performed outside Massachusetts are subject to the state’s income tax. The argument: New Hampshire claims this is unconstitutional confiscation.
    • Why You Should Care: As remote work becomes more permanent our location-based preferences will change. But local laws and government policies will lag behind this change. You don’t want to live or work in a state with archaic policies that end up costing you more. This is a landmark case for the future of our digital society – and TSI Weekly will be following it closely. We track the changes that impact the digital worker’s bottom line.
  • Into the Void: Where Crypto Meets the Metaverse
    • TSI Weekly not only tracks where we are today and where we’ll be in the coming months but we also look to the coming decade to see where society is heading. For example, we track the digitally immersive next phase of the internet referred to as the Metaverse. “The Metaverse: a persistent, live digital universe that affords individuals a sense of agency, social presence, and shared spatial awareness, along with the ability to participate in an extensive virtual economy with profound societal impact.” 
    • Why You Should Care: Digital immersion and The Metaverse will play a role in everyone’s future. By following the progress and the foundational technologies influencing the design of the Metaverse, we can be well positioned to benefit from it. 

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