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My name is Doug Antin. I am the Founder and Author of TSI Global Media, a company covering the Digital Age and how the current digital transformation is creating a new class of people. The Sovereign Individual class.

We are living through a paradigm shift and I’ve learned that I’m not alone in believing that our modern societal narratives are breaking down. The choices we make to lead fulfilling lives are evolving. Plus the community expectations and institutions that shape our lives and actions are becoming obsolete in the face of our changing society.

As the industrial and early information age narratives break down, there is a need to explain what’s happening as the world moves deeper into the Digital Age. How will the digital transformation impact all of society moving forward? How do our choices change in an increasingly Digital World? Should we be teaching our children different skills? Should we seek out remote work? If we do work remotely, how might we reevaluate our living situations?

When you combine the emergence of transformative digital technologies of the past decade, it’s easy to see that the world is accelerating into a time of sweeping change.

And these changes impact how we live.

I started to realize that the concept of the digital transformation having an evolutionary impact on society was resonating with people. We know these changes are happening but no one talks about them. We don’t talk about the consequences. And I learned that if I talk about them, people are interested in listening.

That’s why I created TSI Global Media.

The Mission: Helping you understand the fundamental changes sweeping the world. Identifying the underlying causes of the digital transformation. Covering real time examples of current events and how they impact our evolving future. Curating and building resources to help people adapt in a way that supports a quality life in the digital age.


If your business is in the market for consultative support, reach out to me directly – doug@dougantin.com

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