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My name is Doug Antin. I’m a writer, a startup founder, and an advisor to small businesses. 

  • Co-Founder – HeadGear Safety Systems – Along with my co-founder, I developed a business that secures helmets to bikes and scooters using a custom designed IoT lock. HeadGear partners with local governments and active transportation service providers to keep riders safe. 
  • AdviserDrone Forward Inc – I design and execute strategies that support this non-profits mission. To provide alternative forms of education in the drone industry to at risk youth. 
  • Content Creator – TSI Weekly A weekly newsletter for Sovereign Individuals. Full of insights, tools, and mental models to navigate life in an immersive digital age.


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I also have an MBA from Babson College, a school known for entrepreneurial studies. 

These days, the majority of my time is spent helping people thrive in the digital age with my weekly newsletter, The Sovereign Individual Weekly. In addition, I help small businesses achieve their goals by designing strategies and supporting their implementation.  I support marketing, operational process development, and resource management functions.


If your business is in the market for additional support, reach out to me directly – doug@dougantin.com

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Thanks for visiting my digital home.