Digital Creator Class

A unique situation is developing from a convergence of factors.

  1. A global contagion is spreading forcing massive stay at home quarantines
  2. Schools are closing down prematurely for the year
  3. Many minimum wage workers will face challenges to pay their bills when their asked to stay home and ride out the outbreak
  4. Sports leagues are suspending operations for the season
  5. Work from home is becoming a mandated option
  6. Tools to conduct business online are affordable and accessible to all
  7. Creator tools such as Gumroad and Substack are available to sell digital products

This confluence of factors is accelerating societies move to a digital life. This life is characterized by the increasing percentage of time a person spends online each day. As we become cloistered in our homes, we will seek even entertainment, education and social interaction through digital means. This will also force a dynamic and speedy evolution of the content landscape in this fields.

It’s critical to understand that although there are already many tools available to creators this unique and extended quarantine will result in a golden age of digital life. Individuals will find ways to build new tools and means of self expression and profit from making them available to the world. Individuals that are struggling to make ends meet will find new ways to generate income for themselves through tools that are created in this time.

It’s a critical moment for our society to recognize this as an opportunity given to us out of an otherwise tragic situation. There were many that seized this opportunity during the 2008 financial crisis and as a result we had the proliferation of AirBnB, Etsy and Shopify.

There is an element of creative destruction that occurs during global economic events. Whatever the underlying cause, its important that savvy individuals recognize the moment we are in and take advantage of it.

Up-skill and build for a digital future.

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