Information Age Topics

Much of this website has been dedicated to topics focused on the information age. The changes that are taking place to transition society to digital life. Skills and mindsets that a people are adopting to facilitate this transition. Below is a roundup of some of the popular and most relevant essays I’ve written on this subject.

Adapt Education to the On-Demand Economy – The internet removed the gatekeepers to learning. With access to the entire world of human knowledge you can and should develop new skills to become a successful Digital Citizen. An exploration of the changes to education that are taking place and the direction they should head in.

Establishing a Beach Head in a Shared Reality – Exploring the nature of reality in the information age. We don’t exist in a world by ourselves. This essay focuses on how we live in a shared, communal reality and the importance of establishing reputation in a shared reality.

The Downside of Standardization – Standardized processes like education are easy to manipulate and they create unintended consequences. These second and third order effects create reality distortion, where intended purpose of standardization and the inevitable game-ification of that process yield unintended outcomes. The information age will break preexisting process and replace them with something new.

Social Proof of Work on the Internet – The internet created a new form of establishing trust in digital communities. Social proof of work creates an alternative path towards building a community credential. In this essay, I explore how the internet has changed the process of how we verify an individual can establish trust. A non standardized process for establishing a reputation.

Media Schisms – An introduction to how the internet changed the media landscape. This is a foundational topic for the information age because it has shifted the flow of information. Where before, large media institutions and governments controlled the flow of information, the internet has empowered individuals to source and filter valuable content. This is a major change that is slowly occurring which will ultimately impact the power dynamics of the information age.

Viral Network Effects & Compound Growth & Game Theory – Standardized education is broken. To improve it we must adapt it to a curriculum for the Information Age. This essay is a focus on where and why the curriculum must change.

The Long Tail – Notes & Thoughts – The Long Tail by Chris Anderson is a foundational topic that should be required reading for any Digital Citizen. The core concepts of the book focus on what the internet changed for society and why it matters moving forward. The main point – filtering the flow of information is now easy and extremely profitable. Moving deeper into the Information Age it will only increase in value. Therefore, learning about how the internet filters information is a core subject that everyone should learn.

Culture as Currency – The internet is creating a digital metaverse filled where culture is a primary value driver. Culture is a currency of this digital environment. A persons ability to define a community, bring people together and create culture is now a wealth building endeavor.

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