New Beginnings

New Beginnings. Because of the digital technologies of the past decade, it's not hard to see the world is accelerating into sweeping change.

I quit my job to start a media company covering the Digital Age and how its creating a new class of people. The Sovereign Individual class. Why did I do this? Because I’ve learned that I’m not alone in believing that our modern societal narratives are breaking down. We are living through a paradigm shift. The choices we make to lead fulfilling lives are evolving. The communal expectations and institutions that shape our lives and actions are becoming obsolete in the face of our changing society.

As industrial and early information age narratives break down, there is a need to explain what’s happening as the world moves deeper into the Digital Age. How will this transition impact all of society moving forward? How do our choices change in an increasingly Digital World? Do we teach our children different skills? Should we seek out remote work? If we do work remotely, how might we reevaluate our living situations?

When you combine the emergence of transformative digital technologies of the past decade, it’s not hard to see that the world is accelerating into a timeline of sweeping change.

And these changes are consequential for how we live.

This brief essay explains what the new media company is, how it covers these topics, and why it matters to you. But first, here’s why I made the choice to go off into the entrepreneurial wilderness.

2020 – The Lockdown Presents an Opportunity

I used 2020 and my time in lockdown to explore my intellectual curiosity through writing. I wrote a lot.

And through the process, my guiding light was to search for topics I’d like to expand into professionally. While going through this process, I read widely, as a way to harvest intellectual fuel for my writing.

Along the way, I came across a book that changed my perspective on life and the future. The book was called The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age.

Originally written in 1997, The Sovereign Individual foreshadowed many changes that occurred from the computer and internet revolutions. ie: It predicted the Digital Transformation. But most importantly, it opened my eyes to the fact that the world is fundamentally changing. I realized that this change would be very hard for people to process. Even more so for the entrenched institutions incentivized to maintain the status quo.

I spent more time focusing on how the digital transformation was taking place, what it was impacting, and what might continue to change in the future.

And in August of 2020, I started a weekly newsletter called The Sovereign Individual Weekly. It was a way for me to wrap my head around the changes I’ve seen taking place throughout society. To work through the cognitive dissonance of mainstream status quo narratives versus the clear evidence of societal change. Exploring what it means that the stories in the news often don’t align with the reality I see day to day.

Along the way, I started to realize that this concept of digital transformation as an evolutionary impact on society was resonating with people.

We know these changes are happening but no one talks about them. And I learned that if I talk about them, people are interested in listening.

New Beginnings – My Intuitive Leap

As a result of this traction, my intuition kicked in and led me to dive in deeper. To take this newsletter and invest my time and energy into taking it to the next level. Focusing on producing more content, curating more information capital, and sharing more of this emerging worldview with a greater number of people.

Which brings me full circle to why I’ve chosen to take my own personal intuitive leap and quit my fulltime job. It’s a decision powered by my experiences and earned wisdom along the way. This next step is to found a media company covering the changes that seem to be accelerating.

Introducing The Sovereign Individual Global Media (TSI Global)

The Mission: Helping you understand the fundamental changes sweeping the world. Identifying the underlying causes of the digital transformation. Covering real time examples of current events and how they impact our evolving future. Curating and building resources to help people adapt in a way that supports a quality life in the digital age.

TSI Global on a Granular Level:

The Sovereign Individual – Who is this new class of people emerging from the digital transformation? And how might they fit into society now versus where society is headed? What is their mindset, how do they make decisions, and the choices they make that are divergent from traditional paths?

The Digital Age – Exploring topics that showcase how the world is changing from digital technology.

Geopolitical Transitions: Nationalism, Authoritarianism, and Decentralized Globalism – Diving deep on how global politics evolves as digital technologies bring us closer together and make income generation from anywhere possible.

Institutions – Assessing changes to the institutions that shaped society in the late industrial and early information ages. Government, media, and educational organizations that are resistant to change will stagnate. While those that are willing to adapt to the digital age will thrive. I’ll explore how these changes will occur, what they look like, and what might be the future of these institutions.

Information Capital Assets – In order to thrive in the digital age, Sovereign Individuals must accumulate information capital assets. These information assets are like a digital spider’s web, they capture an increasing amount of passive value when networked correctly. And these assets are a critical element of building digital age wealth, influence, and personal freedom. TSI Global will explore what they are, how they’re becoming more pervasive in society, and how to accumulate them.

The Metaverse – A primary driver of this digital transformation is the evolution of the internet. As the second half of the global population comes online and technology continues to improve, we can expect the internet to evolve significantly. TSI Global will track these developments and outline how digital life will increasingly impact our physical world.

This is a Long Game

It’s important to draw a distinction between TSI Global and the rest of the media you may consume on a regular basis. This content will focus on the long game. It’s about charting a course to meet the train at a future destination. That means much of what I cover will be current events that inform future outcomes. 12 to 18 months in the future is the sweet spot, but in reality many of the trends I reference will play out over the next decade and beyond.

So don’t expect instant gratification. Instead, you can expect analysis and insights that empower your long term decision making. Should you send your kid to college or invest in their startup idea? Buy that house in the suburbs of a major metropolitan or move to an island haven? Design a traditional retirement strategy or invest in new paradigm shifts?

A final point. This isn’t intended to diagnose the change and the problems they cause and provide no solution. It’s intended as a cure for the challenges you’ll face along the way. I’ll produce guides, frameworks, and strategies anyone can implement to adapt and thrive in the digital age. My bottom line goal is that TSI Global Media becomes a required resource for successfully navigating your life.

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