Process – A Ritual & Religion

Process is the foundation of success or failure. If you have a strong and resilient process, you can build upon it as you grow and achieve continuous success. If you have a poor process, it wont scale and building upon it will cause all your work to come crashing down. As you work through life, it should become more apparent that focusing on the health and vitality of processes is more important than most of the activities that you conduct to achieve “progress”.

Process is as an operating system. An underlying set of constraints built to guide the operation of allowable actions. The difference between process and an operating system is the difference between human and machine. Human’s are emotional and fickle, we tend to deviate from process in times of high stress. Machine’s execute their operating system code without question but break if the code is bad. That’s why it’s important to treat process like a ritual, a religion, an operating system. Through consistent and repeated practice, during good times and bad, process must be followed and religiously ingrained into our heads.

Process is the foundation of business. It’s teachable and empowering to new members of a team. It’s how teams maintain stable function. We teach new members of our teams how we operate and then send them on their way to accomplish a task as a convert of the companies process religion. An effective ambassador, a missionary that can enter new communities and evangelize them to our way of doing business.

Process is how we approach the unknown. Process is our identity. Process is progress.

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